La Soufriere

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If you are an Eco-tourist, if a day of climbing and hiking fancies you or if you are just looking for the most stunning view available then this trail to the volcano and St. Vincent’s highest point(4000 feet above sea level), La Soufriere, is the tour for you. For the average hiker, an hour and a half to two hours will take you to the summit (three to three and a half hours for the western or leeward side) where you can behold the majestic beauty of the Volcano.

A tour to La Soufriere takes you along the picturesque windward (eastern) coast, through banana and coconut plantations to where the foot trail begins. You travel along steep volcanic ridges verdant with bamboo and tropical trees. One may even be able to climb down into the inside to get a closer look at the steaming doom which plugs the amazing feat. The “on top of the world feeling” and its marvelous view makes this site one not to pass by. There are gazebos. washrooms, a site office and parking at Bamboo Range on the eastern trail.