St. Vincent Botanical Gardens

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This site perfectly combines nature’s bounty and the garden’s great historical significance. It is the oldest garden in the western hemisphere and home to a sucker of the first breadfruit plant brought by Captain Bligh in 1793. Conservation of rare species of plants has been practiced since the Gardens were founded in 1765. Other conservation works involve the captive breeding programme for the endangered St. Vincent Parrot (Amazona Guildingii), the national bird. It also has large fields surrounded by various species of flowers and plants, for frolicking and picnicking and a mini-zoo where one can also relax and unwind in all the splendor of its flora and fauna. This 20 acres national treasure is perch on the outskirts of capital, Kingstown, and its close proximity to the official residence of both the Prime Minister and Governor General guarantee’s its impeccable upkeep. Facilities includes a welcome and information booth, washrooms, museum and science centre, gazeboos, wedding ceremony and photography, souvenir/refreshment kiosks, a plant nursery and adequate parking. A minimum donation of US$2.00 per person is requested. Satisfaction guaranteed!